Local Actions and Policies for Reducing City of Atlanta’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The City of Atlanta is joining an increasing number of local governments committed to addressing climate change at the local level. The City of Atlanta recognizes the risk that climate change poses to its citizens, and is acting now to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, or “carbon footprint”, of both its government operations and the community at-large through the innovative programs laid out in this Climate Action Plan. Ultimately, local action is needed to reduce the City of Atlanta’s contribution to the problem of climate change and adapt to its current and future effects.

This Climate Action Plan takes advantage of common sense approaches and cutting edge policies that our local government is uniquely positioned to implement – actions that can reduce energy use and waste, create local jobs, improve air quality, preserve our local landscape and history, and in many other ways benefit the City of Atlanta for years to come.

Technical Steering Committee

The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability engaged more than 50 city experts in the elaboration of this Climate Action Plan. The main function of the Technical Steering Committee is twofold:

  • To review and make recommendations to the objectives, strategies, and actions proposed in each of the CAP focus areas, and
  • To guide other stakeholders, consultants, and experts working on initiatives proposed around the city to reduce its carbon footprint.

Members of Technical Steering Committee and their respective organizations is listed in the following table:


CAP Focus Area Organization Name
Building Energy Efficiency Commercial Buildings Southface Energy Institute Robert Reed
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) Cyris Bhedwar
USGBC Nancy Larson
Central Atlanta Progress Shelby Buso
Georgia Tech Marilyn Brown
Residential Buildings Southface Energy Insitute Robert Reed
Atlanta Housing Authority Shean Atkins
Georgia Power Ron Shipman
Georgia Tech Valerie Thomas
Energy Production Georgia Power Ron Shipman
Environment Georgia Jennette Gayer
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy John Wilson
Georgia Tech Mary Hallisey Hunt
Waste & Recycling Georgia Recycling Coalition Gloria Hardegree
Atlanta Recycles Abbey Patterson
CHaRM Peggy Whitlow
Georgia State University Jennifer Asman
Water & Wastewater Mgmt Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Laura Hartt
Atlanta Regional Commission Katherine Zitsch
West Atlanta Watershed Alliance Darry
City of Atlanta Watershed Dept Jennifer Carlile
Transportation Atlanta Regional Commission David D’Onofrio
Clean Cities/Georgia Commute Options Don Francis
Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Rebecca Serna
Georgia Tech Michael Rodgers
Green Spaces/Food Security Georgia Organics Alice Rolls
Trees Atlanta Connie Veates
Park Pride Michael Halicki
AECOM Barbara Faga
The Nature Conservancy Deron W. Davis

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Questions?  e-mail Jairo H Garcia, Sustainability Management Analyst at jairohgarcia@gmail.com